• ManCamp 2023?

    ManCamp 2023?

    Is it happening this year at Porcfest? Help us make the decision.

    There’s been expressed interest in doing ManCamp again at Porcfest in late June of 2023, but it is expensive. We’re fundraising now, and hope to raise the needed fund by June 1 so we can get ready.

    If you’re reading this now, you probably already know what ManCamp is, but for those that don’t we’ll be adding a better explanation and pictures from past events.

    I want to keep ManCamp simple and realistic, we are going to do some old fashion black smithing.

    Making some functional iron tools and possible some oxy acetylene welding (gas welding)

    I want to use files and possibly a mill stone (if we can find one) to clean up forged or welded projects.

    By avoiding using electric grinders it will keep the noise down.

    I also want to hire a few seasoned blacksmiths to work the forge with the kids, so I am not tied to it the entire time.

    So far I have Derrick, and Ernie offering to do some ManCamp hours.

    I plan to pay my brothers Chris, and Josh to do some man camp hours, as of now they have not agreed to do anything, and have told me they don’t want to be tied down to the forge.

    We will need to build a schedule

    I also need to gather youth safety equipment safety glasses, ear muffs (and plugs) gloves, aprons, and some type of leather chaps (to protect feet, and legs as most kids and adults do not have boots and jeans to wear at Porcfest.

    If you are interested, we have set up the following cryptocurrency wallets for donations. We do plan to offer other ways to donate soon.

    Get in touch with me by email: jay@jaynoone.com



    Donate Bitcoin for ManCamp 2023

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    Donate Bitcoin Cash for ManCamp 2023



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    Pictures from ManCamp 2019

    ManCamp 2019
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